Reach your PLC without leaving home!
Remote PLC Access and Control is absolutely vital to you and your customers.
Remote PLC Access and Control is absolutely vital to you and your customers.
Learn how to implement Remote Access using different controller families in order to execute different tasks. Subjects include:

• Controlling and Monitoring your Application from Anywhere
Learn how to connect to your controller from your mobile or PC via VNC, mobile app, or web-browser.
• Remote Troubleshooting
Is your machine or application malfunctioning? Your support technicians can connect to it in real time and take immediate action.
• Setting Up a System – Remotely
Are you a system integrator who needs to set up a machine or system at the customer site? You can access your system and run setup without being physically present.
• Dynamic Recipe Modifications – Off-site
Do you need to change a production recipe, fast? UniStream’s FTP Server enables you to transfer files to the PLC to modify the recipe and automatically enable the PLC to carry out the task.
• Updating Software – Remotely
Are there changes, or have feature been added to your system? You can execute updates remotely via UniLogic, VisiLogic, or the UniDownloader utility depending on your controller family.
• Alerting Your Staff
You can easily set up notification groups for Managers, Supervisors, Operators, etc, and send alerts to mobile or PC - via SMS, email, mobile app, the cloud via MQTT and more.
• Safeguarding HMI Access
When your staff accesses a UniStream HMI remotely, you can limit who sees what, and whether they can perform specific action via UAC – User-controlled Access.
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