About us


HmT Mechatronics is a small industrial automation and process control company in South Africa, providing various types of control equipment ranging from advanced Human Machine Interfaces to Programmable Logic Controller and Sensors. The company was established in 2011 as a projects house, but has since grown steadily and is now also focusing on product distribution and in-house development.

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Company team

Handry Theron, Managing Director

Cell: 083 589 9093
Email: h.theron@hmtmechatronics.com
Company team

Christo Buchner, Internal Sales

Cell: 079 806 3359
Email: c.buchner@hmtmechatronics.com
Company team

Natasha Wannenburg, Accounts

Cell: 079 232 6397
Email: n.wannenburg@hmtmechtronics.com

Company team

Carli Kok, Marketing

Cell: 084 661 8000
Email: c.kok@hmtmechatronics.com

Company team

Tristan van Rensburg, Projects

Cell: 076 315 8059
Email: t.vanrensburg@hmtmechtronics.com